Your Name. -- English Dub is just a few weeks away (but I still think the subtitled version is better)

The English dub of the anime movie Kimi no Na wa is finally going to hit US cinemas next month. I've bought the English version of the album by RADWIMPS and quite impressed with how Yojiro Noda (RADWIMPS' vocalist) managed to pull it off (it helps that he grew up in the US after all and speaks fluent English).

If you can see the above trailer then good for you. Normally I can't view it but thank Madoka we have VPN to bypass the restriction. This is the first full English trailer while the previous one only feature English songs but still retained Japanese dialogs. For people like me who prefer subs anyway I won't miss much from not seeing the English dub version but I watched the trailer anyway out of curiosity.

While dub vs sub is a never ending war like Android vs iOS or Windows vs Linux, I openly admit that I'm on the subtitle side. People who prefer dub usually do so because it's convenient for them compared to reading subtitles on screen. I don't find reading subtitles is that difficult. My first experience with anime was watching local dubs and it went on like that for several years until I'm around 18. Somehow it didn't turn me into someone who prefers dub over sub. In fact I avoid dubs until today despite having grew up in that environment.

There are problems why dubs are problematic for anime. In the above movie too there are dialogs where I think would give the dubbers trouble since Japanese language have gender specific way of talking. It can't be substituted in English when there's no English equivalent for them to begin with. Not only that some Japanese honorifics only works in Japanese language and would sound ridiculous if they were to be replaced with a character's name. This is also the reason I'm quite picky about fansubbers. I prefer subbers who retain honorifics. I don't care if people call me weebs for that. I mean if English honorifics like Sir or Master has to be retained most of the time in translated piece then why can't we do the same for other languages?

When people said subs are hard to enjoy because they can't split their focus to the subtitles and actions on screen at the same time, I think I can understand that. However reading subs has because so natural to me that I don't have such problem at all. Maybe it's just that I can read fast but the thing is I can read the subtitles and also see what is happening on the screen at the same time without missing anything or having to rewind back. It's like looking at a fast moving car painted black and white and you could still tell the colors in an instant although you were focusing only at the white (or black) part of the car. Maybe it's the result of reconditioning that happened without me realizing it after keeping up with so much subs. So if it really is reconditioning then I think it's possible for everybody to enjoy subs too.

I don't think I will willingly watch this movie in the dub version unless it was aired on TV or streaming or a friend playing it while I'm at his/her place. The DVD/BD will come out later this year and I will by default pick the one with Japanese audio with subtitle instead of going for the English dub version. There's no doubt about that and from how I see myself there's no way I'll convert into a dub person until the end of the time. So if you happen to see me in the future defending dubs to death while insulting/mocking subs, there's a 100% chance that it's an impersonator.