2016: One Year of Anime

In a few hours 2016 will leave us. For the past 12 months I've watched a lot and missed a lot of anime too. Usually when I missed something due to something inevitable, it would be hard for me to resume from where I left. I have something like a 'fear' of being unable to catch up with the backlog. I don't think it's a baseless fear because I know when I was forced to 'miss' currently airing anime for a few weeks, the feeling of being left behind is not something that I can deal with easily.

Best girl of all time in history of anime.

Despite all that there will always be at least one anime that I can't afford to miss no matter what, to the point I'd be willing to use up my limited mobile data just to get the current episode (when uncapped landline internet is unavailable, such as at my parents home in my hometown). ReZero is one such anime. At first I thought it was too much to process (Subaru killed by a seemingly unbeatable enemy gave me a feeling of hopelessness). Then after a few more episodes I started to fall in love, with the anime first, and then Rem. Sure I hated here when she killed Subaru but when I learned that she was willing to sacrifice her own life to save Subaru in the later event, I know Rem is the one girl that many would agree is the best girl. Voiced by a cute VA (who also voiced Chino from GochiUsa and Hestia from DanMachi) this girl seems perfect in almost every aspect. Of course not everybody will like her but for now I can't imagine how other girls would be any better than her (except Mami-san).

Best romance film of 2016.

After ReZero I went back to 'pause' mode (not actively watching new anime except for a few titles). I was still affected by the 'fear' that I explained earlier, which was caused by some events that happened to my throughout the year. However it began to change a little when I saw a sudden surge of new fanarts popping up on Pixiv. They are fanarts of the new hit anime film which was showing in Japan in August. The anime film was titled "Kimi no Na Wa" (abbr. "kiminona") also known as "Your Name" in English (Namamu in Bahasa Malaysia). What's so special about it was it was created by Makoto Shinkai, the same person who brought you "The Garden of Words", "Five Centimeter Per Second" and "Voices of a Distant Star". Furthermore this film secured the spot as the No. 1 film in Japan, beating even life action films. When it was showing in Malaysian cinemas earlier this month, it made me went to one of the cinemas for the first time since I moved to KL. It was also the first film I watched in theater this year, and the first film I've seen in cinema in 5 years. I have no complain about it but if anything it would be the time it took to arrive in Malaysian cinemas, which was a few months later than the Japanese release. Now I can't wait for the DVD/iTunes release, which I hope will happen by Q1 2017.

Those two are the most memorable anime in 2016, at least to me. I was emotionally affected so much that there were times I cried when watching them (I even went to see "Your name" three times, the latest was last weekend). I believe ReZero will get a second season though I have no idea when, and while Your Name does not need a sequel or spin-off, Makoto Shinkai has confirmed that he is working on another boy-meets-girl film that will probably meet us in 2 or 3 years time. Shinkai said he is so excited and enthusiastic working on his next project following the success of Your Name. From here I can only hope the anime scenes next year will be just as good if not better. It doesn't matter if I will get to see them or not but I hope there will always be one or two titles that will be as memorable as the above every year.