Attack on Anime Convention: Comic Fiesta 2014 Day 1 Report

This is my second time going to Comic Fiesta, so unlike last year I already know what to expect this year. That's probably why I'm less excited about it now than I was but as an anime fan it's still enjoyable and I could spend the entire day being in the convention hall, except I decided not to do that due to the bad weather in KL today.

Since I already know what to expect in this event, I already planned to buy at least 2 figmas and nendos. Of course I wanted to get Mami nendo if I could find any but the only one I found was the one "for display only". Ryuko figma has always been in my radar and I nearly preorder it earlier this year but decided to wait because I know due to the popularity over here it will arrive very quickly. I was divided between wanting to buy Zekamashi figma or nendo. Normally one would go for the cheaper option (IIRC Zekamashi nendo was MYR170 while the figma was MYR225). However I decided to go for the more 'actionable' one first as my priority right now is to get something that could become my aid in drawing anime characters, thus the figma won. Maybe I'll buy the nendo tomorrow but to think that I already spent MYR390 today alone I'm not sure if I'll proceed with the plan (I haven't even bought merchandises like t-shirts, badges, posters, etc.).

Today I didn't take much pictures although I originally planned to capture cosplayers pics as much as possible. I even prepared to max up my iPod internal memory and kill my phone battery, not to mention I brought with me 2 power banks for backup power. However one particular incident effectively killed my mood. I almost fooled into taking pictures of Inori Yuzuriha (Guilty Crown) but before I could snap any picture I found out that it's a 'he'. A TRAP! A CROSSPLAYER! (or rather a GROSSPLAYER!). I'm not sure what this guy smoked last night but I think I could almost see his pubes! Later on, as if I have received some kind of revelation I found even more crossplayer throughout the event to the point that I'm not sure anymore whether to just take their picture or don't take any. I chose the later. I don't really mind about crossplayers and people crossplaying but being fooled into thinking that one's gender is the opposite of his/her real one is something that I'd like to avoid. That said If I still want to take cosplay pictures tomorrow (Day 2) I'll have to be mentally prepared starting from tonight.

Another thing that bugged me today was I accidentally left a new friend on its own wandering in the huge crowd. I just met him today, and he was from near my hometown. He's a 'virgin' when it comes to attending anime convention. As someone who's 'experienced' I felt responsible in guiding him but I lost him around the entrance to the event hall. I waited around 30 minutes near the entrance inside the hall but I never saw him again. I felt guilty and sorry for him so throughout the day my eyes kept scanning around for him though I never found him anymore. It happened before I could even get his contact. I hope he'll manage somehow. Anyway I know he bought the tickets for 2 days so I'm expecting he'll attend the event again tomorrow. If I ran into him again tomorrow I'll apologize to him.

Before I end this let me tell you there's one more thing that bothers me, particularly about the cosplay (again). I saw a lack of interest in Shingeki no Kyojin cosplay this year, a huge drop compared to last year. I'm not sure if it's just me but it seems like the cosplayers this year tend to arrive late. I remember seeing many of them just arrived at the nearby train station while I was waiting for a train to return home. I also noticed the lack of SnK merchandises being sold in the booths. Not that any of that is a big problem but I remember last year the SnK cosplayers are among the most interesting ones because they're so creative, and in some cases funny too. Let's hope the situation will be better tomorrow and preferably the weather will be good too. By the way the places cosplayers to 'act' outside of the event hall seem to have reduced now, no thanks to some constructions and temporary buildings nearby. I'm not sure what those things are for, probably something related to Christmas or New Year celebration but in any case it's quite disappointing.

Anyway I should include that my plan for tomorrow is to bring along a Bluetooth monopod (selfie stick, in case you don't know what that is) which I got as a gift during my visit to Singapore last week. Of course as a selfie hater I have no real use for it but today I got an idea to use it to take pictures from high angle, meaning that there will be less obstacles in front of the camera lens. With that I don't have to raise my hand to hold the camera at higher position all the time, which was very tiring. I saw other people were doing that too today so I believe it's an acceptable act and doesn't seem to be very intrusive too.