Attack on Anime: Shocking truth!

Rushed ending is rushed. The story has been moving at a nice pace, neither too fast nor too slow but now it's unexpectedly over.

Chaika no more.

Hitsugi no Chaika season 2 ended at the 10th episode is indeed a shocking truth for me. Although it has happened before, the occurrence was very rare that it's still considered unusual for any anime series to end prematurely like this. It's premature because there's still room for at least 2 episodes for this season. I'm not sure why it ended so early as I don't think the studio is facing budget or time constraint.

While the ending itself is good and acceptable in terms of story/plot, squeezing things that should have spanned at 2 episodes into 1 is kind of unforgivable. Shin, Tooru's 'brother' was "the worst enemy imaginable" to Tooru and Akari yet all that it takes to defeat him was making a 'contract' with Frederica (and turned into a "dragon rider"? I forgot the actual name). If Shin was that fearsome then he'd have been a worse enemy than Emperor Gaz, yet Emperor Gaz is still seen as the strongest one here.

Also, to think that Emperor Gaz was 'easily' defeated in this episode, I don't understand why did it take several heroes to take him down last time? One could imagine that he still doesn't have his full power restored yet but then if I was him I would not restart the war right away if that was the case (I'd wait a while until I regain my full power). That said "not having the power fully restored" is not excusable here.

I'm not sure what happened to Chaika after she gave her all in defeating Emperor Gaz but it appears that she has lost her memories or something like that. At this point I don't think there's any room for a new season for this anime, unless the creator decided to make a new arc for it, though even that is very unlikely. I mean if they could cut this second season at its 10th episode, how would it be possible for them to make a season 3, right?

Anyway I won't forget Chaika's cuteness and her 'language'. She is a very memorable character.