Attack on Anime: Spring 2015 Anime wrap-up (What I watched/dropped)

The Summer 2015 Anime has just started. However it's still too early to decide what to keep watching as most of the new series haven't even aired yet. While waiting for all the new series to start let's look back at those titles that already finished airing (with exception of a few that is still on-going into this Summer season).

What I watched:

High School DxD BorN
Shokugeki no Souma (on-going)
Show by Rock
Yamada-kun & 7 Witches
Denpa Kyoushi (on-going)
Gunslinger Stratos

A little bit about some of the above titles:

Danmachi: Unlike most of my friends in anime fandom, I'm never really into the "Hestia hype" that happens around this anime. I just watched it because I enjoy Hestia's "kaomoji-ish" and "meme-ish" expressions. Sorry but overall it's not really an interesting series to me.

Just a few examples of Hestia's 'lovely' expressions.

Denpa Kyoushi: This anime has just started its second arc. However I don't think I will finish the second arc because the 'trap' episodes have kind of killed my interest. I don't really mind about the 'animation' (more like badly drawn characters) and half-hearted VA jobs but shoving the 'trap' story in multiple episodes is really something that I 'loathe'. They should have just done it in 1 episode to keep me interested. Other than that I kind of admire Junichiro as a teacher. He is like an otaku version of Onizuka, where his otaku 'skills' have made him a quite capable and reliable person than most people expected him to be. His strong love on his otaku hobbies has allowed him to obtain achievements that are impossible to most people.

What I dropped:

Plastic Memories

I originally looking forward to see more of this anime but the presence of an irrational/unreasonable tsundere has killed it for me. Not to mention the numerous plot holes that makes the series as a whole unacceptable. It's fine if we're talking about the emotions alone but there are just too many flaws that I can't ignore.
Owari no Seraph

I thought this would be another Shinsekai Yori, which I really enjoyed but the second episode killed my interest. They killed lolis and shotas in the first episode and then suddenly try to transform it into a humor series. Even if they succeeded at the 'transformation', the transformation itself is a failure for what I think is supposed to be a good series.
Mikagura Gakuen Kamikyoku

Too much yuri that it's annoying despite having a good premise.

Again, too much yuri, plus the character design that I think is outdated (transparent hair that cover the eyes is very early-2000-ish).
Hibike Euphonium

Another silly KyoAni show. While I do enjoy some KyoAni shows like Chuunibyou Demo Koi ga Shitai and Amagi Brilliant Park, I don't enjoy many others.
The Disappearance of Nagato Yuki-chanSpeaking of KyoAni, I might have kept watching this if this was made by KyoAni as a "spiritual successor" for the Haruhi anime they made a few years ago. The character design is 'ugly' to my standard. I don't mind seeing a timid and shy version of Nagato Yuki but this is something that I can't really enjoy.

What is probably interesting but ignored:

Ore Monogatari: I wanted to enjoy this but can't really blame me for the overly ugly main character (almost as the same standard as Shrek if you ask me). I think it was unnecessary to make him that ugly. Other than that I'm already tired of the shoujo-ish character design for the rest of the characters. I don't mind with shoujo story itself (me liking a show like Golden Time is a proof of that) but I think shoujo manga/anime really need to experiment with 'alternate' design to break the tradition.