Attack on Audiophilia: I'll listen to music in the way I want them to be

For over a decade I think I've spent thousands of dollars on speakers and headphones but I've never consider myself as an audiophile. It seems like people are divided when it comes to the definition of audiophile. Some said "loving the music to sound like how they are intended to be" and some others said "loving the music in the way they preferred it to sound like".

JBL Pebbles

For me I prefer the music to sound like how I want them to be. It's like adding your own seasoning/sauce to the food you ordered. Like in a restaurant, the chef/cook only prepared the meal to cater the people in general and not specifically tailored to a specific customer. People have different taste for food, that's a fact. Some like their food a bit more salty, or more spicy, that kind of stuff. Denying that is like denying the human rights.

Nakamichi NBS6 "Golf"

That's why I believe people should be allowed to tweak the sound of their music and not criticized for doing so. That's why I always look for equalizer and sound enhancement option every time I look for a music player. If you think people should not doing that but at the same time you set the preference on how your food should taste like then you are a hypocrite.