Attack on candy, calorie and cavity: Daga Shikashi (or is it Dagashi Kashi? or Dagashikashi? I'm confused)

I like candies. I mean, who doesn't?

Meet the candy girl.

I'm sorry if this 'review' is rushed because apparently real life doesn't allow me to blog too much so I'll go straight forward to what this anime is all about. You must have heard about big companies acquiring the smaller ones, right? It happens (kind of) in this anime. The Shikada family runs a small candy shop in a small town, while there this big Shidare candy company eyeing them. Both 'heirs' of the family (Kokonatsu "Coconut" of Shikada and Hotaru "The Candy Girl" of Shidare) are tasked with the mission to inherit the family business.

Hotaru is trying to persuade Coconut's father to work with them (his father seems to be a 'legend' in candy business though the details is still unclear) but Coconut on the other hand is not interested in candy business and wanted to pursue a career as a manga artist (he is good at drawing them after all). However being raised and a candy shop Coconut has unknowing obtained vast knowledge about candies that even Hotaru respects him for that. Those two are often engage in "candy battle" and so far the true winner has yet to be decided (though it appears like Coconut has some advantages over Hotaru).

Anyway since time doesn't allow me to write longer I'll finish this 'review' in a few more sentences. I must say this anime is better than I expected. In a sense it is somewhat 'educational' (if you're into history and background of Japanese candies). It is funny too and because of that I'd like to declare Hotaru as the best girl of the season (other than Galko, which I'll be writing about in a few weeks from now). Right now I think the best way to describe Hotaru is, she is like Hestia from Danmachi, I mean both of them have funny expressions and acts funny (stupid?) too sometimes. If that is not enough to convince you to watch this then I'm sorry and I need to blame myself for not writing a better piece than this. I hope you'll read a better review in some other places but believe me, this anime is good, just like the candies.