Attack on Chinese Zodiacs: No Rock No Show!!

Etotama vs Show By Rock!!


The current anime season is about to end soon so I'll just make this 'review' short. After all I believe most of you already watched all the aired episode so it doesn't matter anymore what I'll spill/spoil here.

The similarities between Etotama and Show By Rock:
  1. The story took some parts in human world and another parts in a different dimension.
  2. Both are featuring "animal girls".
  3. The main heroine from both series are catgirls.
  4. Characters from both series have this "chibi battle form" rendered in 3D.
  5. The battles are often intense and brutal despite the cute characters.
The difference: Everything that isn't mentioned above.

So what are the shows all about?

Etotama: You know the 12 animals in the Chinese zodiacs right? Apparently a cat isn't one of them where according to legend it was supposed to be in the list but somehow failed to make it. So this anime is kind of the reenactment of the competition to become join the zodiac ranks through a battle.

Show By Rock: If you take keion, remove the "stupid cute girls doing stupid cute things" part and add in some battle battle scenes then this is what you got. Cyan (picture above) is a girl who was too shy to join a music club. One day she was forcefully pulled into a 'music' world. There her dream to become a musician came true, sort of. However she also needs to fight some monsters using her music power to destroy the enemy's plan of conquering the music city.

Anyway if I were to pick one between the two I think I'll take Show By Rock. Although I don't like the 3D-rendered chibi battle form (they're aren't cute at all to me) I think Show By Rock is more watchable instead of the randomness in Etotama that aren't really funny to me.