Attack on dating sim: Can't I just have a harem instead of dating different girls in separate routes?

Have you played Love Plus? Have you watched/played Amagami? Have you watched/played Photokano? What I'm about to write here is my thoughts on the new anime, Seiren. As you probably have guessed from my questions earlier, this new anime is also dating-sim-ish, but unlike the three titles I mentioned above, Seiren is an original anime that is not adapted from other source material (FYI both Amagami and Photokano are kind of related because they're made by the same company, Enterbrain, while Love Plus is only available as a game so far).

In Seiren your role is as Shouichi, paired with different girls, 1 girl for each arc of 4 episodes. Yes, the show comes in arcs, and is currently airing at its second arc. Just like in Amagami and Photokano, this one also features some fanservice, but not the kind of fanservice you'd find in ecchi anime. At most you'd only see girls in bikinis instead of showing pantyshots, but some dialogs and expressions of the females can be quite suggestive, as what happened in the first arc. I can say the fanservice are leaning for towards fetish than a plain sexiness. If you remember the scene of a MC kissing the back of the knee of girl in Amagami you should know what I'm talking about.

This show is honestly quite enjoyable if you're looking for a straight boy-meets-girl romance in anime but I must say I don't really like how the first arcs ends (Shouichi and Tsuneki arc). Shouichi and Tsuneki finally acknowledged the feelings towards each other but ended the relationship as soon as it happened. If this was in a hentai manga it would not be a surprise to see the MC getting NTR-ed later on. Right now I have a feeling that it's the worse ending of an arc in any dating-sim anime I've seen. In fact I think the ending of the next arcs of this anime would have a better ending than the first one. It's kind of a waste because Tsuneki was voiced by one of my favorite VAs, Ayane Sakura (who also voiced my other favorite anime characters such as Cocoa in GochiUsa and ZKMS in KanColle).

This girl is lewd.

BTW I think the second arc is quite boring compared to the first one, and less exciting too. I'm not really looking for fanservice here but the second arc seems to be featuring the furry fetish, which is a turn-off for me. I hope it's just temporary and I'm also hoping the ending will be great to compensate for the lack of excitement.

As a bonus enjoy Tsuneki's lewd side below: