Attack on Mahou Shoujo: Let's rip-off Madoka

Magical Girl Raising Project. You brew some magical girls and kill some when you recruited too much by mistake. Either you automate their death or make them kill each other. What bullshit system.

Sorry for not updating this blog for a long time. For the most part of it you can put the blame on the blog provider for their uncertain future (I've mentioned about this before) and the rest, on my full time job as police officer. Actually I still wanted to put this blog on hiatus until December, where I planned a major wrap up for everything I've watched this year but after watching the above anime which screams "MADOKA!!!!" a lot I couldn't help but had to say something about it before it's too late.

Do I love or hate this show? Neither, in fact I'm actually waiting for new episode each week to see where it's going. It's 'dark' like Madoka, have a 'system' like Madoka, and the main character also reminds me of Madoka (pink hair what?). Other characters are also not spared from getting the Madoka treatment, like this one character that reminds me of HOM and also another one blond character that reminds me of.... *drum rolls* Mami-san! Complete with guns and of course big boobs! Oh it got its own QB too, though I think at this point it's not surprising anymore after people saw the earlier similarities. The cute appearance is just a staple of mahou shoujo series post-Madoka.

The next point of the story, I've already told you in the picture description above. In the end it's like Madoka again, except that there's no monster or 'witch' to fight against but each other to secure the very few top spots, or 'vacancies' left after this show's own QB decided to cut off some jobs. What I don't understand is why the need to kill them when leaving them alive does no harm. For this I think it's there for the sake of being as close to Madoka Magica as possible. Honestly I think it's unnecessary but if their final goal is to make them kill each other (like Madoka? again?) then maybe it's the only way.

What I found interesting about this show however is something that you didn't find in Madoka Magica. No, not the mentor-mentee thing (Mami-san indeed became a mentor to Madoka and Sayaka, somewhat). It's the presence of "mahou shounen", though not exactly a magical boy. It's a boy who somehow allowed into the system and guess what? He transformed into a 100% magical girl, with boobs. You don't see that often.

Although I more or less could see where this is going, and I keep mentioning Madoka again and again (sorry if that annoys you) I am positively waiting for something that will surprise me. Something that I didn't expect. I want to know how they're going to deal with the bullshit system and if it's possible to undo the damage (though I still expect some amount of sacrifices here, preferably as minimum as possible). I am ready for disappointment so for that, in the event it did disappoint me, at least I still have Madoka to look at again.