Attack on Osananajimi: Reunion

This is a review (not really) of the anime Haruchika.

Dem eyes.

What if you put together the anime Hyouka with some gayness? You got the Haruchika anime! Wait! What's the gay about this anime, you asked? I understand why you asked. Of course at a glance there's no way this anime could be gay. Chika is cute after all and she is somehow infatuated with her music teacher.

The problem is the 'Haru' part of the title, the boy named Haruta. When Chika moved to a new town she also entered a new school and 'accidentally' reunited with her childhood friend, Haruta. Actually "childhood friend" is quite inaccurate, the more correct term would have been a little boy next door, and Chika used to bully him a lot. I guess the trauma from continuous bullying (that only stopped when Chika moved away) has shaped Haruta into a gay as he grow up into a teenager.

So what's the Hyouka part of this anime? It's a mystery solving anime, much like Hyouka. Although the background is a brass band club, they often found a puzzle surrounding them, and Haruta was somehow gifted with a detective mind with a very good deduction ability. Of course nothing serious (no murder, no theft/robbery, just like Hyouka) but it's still quite fun to see them solving the mysteries.

So how watchable is it? If I were to measure it using the screenshot-worthy method, I must say it's very low to my standard. In episode 2 I took only one screenshot, when Chika was pouting. With low screenshot-worthy scenes and the fact that Haruta, one of the main characters is a gay, I don't think I'll be sticking to this anime long enough until the end. I have a feeling that I'll drop it in the near future. Let's hope for the better in episode 3 anyway.

Chika's pouty face, for your eyes only.