Attack on romcom: A masochist's revenge

(WARNING!: The writing below may or may not contain spoilers. If you're incompatible with spoilers then please voluntarily leave instead of risking yourself. I'm not going to be made responsible if the presence of spoilers in the writing below damaged your future viewing experience.)

Today I'd like to talk (write) about the current anime Masamune-kun no Revenge. To be honest I planned to publish this a few weeks ago but it was delayed several times due to some personal reasons. Good thing since I already posted one article yesterday, now I'm kind of "on the roll" for another one so I'm going to take advantage of this little inertia/momentum as a motivation while it lasts. The original unfinished article was 3 times longer than this but I cut it short because at one point it started to feel like writing a Wikipedia entry.

Long story short this anime is about the MC-kun, Masamune seeking revenge on the Asshole Princess Cruel Princess for rejecting and insulting (humiliating) him years ago, while both of them were kids. He then undergone a radical transformation, from being an overweight boy into becoming a hot hunk to the point that the Cruel Princess no longer recognized him. Taking advantage of her being oblivious of his true identity, his strategy now is to win her heart and will reject her as soon as she falls in love with him. He wanted her to feel the pain she caused him. In doing so he also gets a help from the Cruel Princess' maid.

The Asshole Cruel Princess

Although the Cruel Princess is an ojousama, unlike most ojousama found in anime she is not depicted as being flawless. Even Masamune ranks better than her in academics. Not only that she is also a binge eater (due to some sort of hypermetabolism), often ordering her clumsy maid to buy extra food for her so she could eat them in secret. It's exactly because of these flaws that I can tolerate this anime. Otherwise I'd have dropped it (like I did with OregaIru, which was specifically because of Yukino).

Later in the anime it is explained (to some extent) why the Cruel Princess is such an ass, as if trying to get viewer's sympathy. Her maid also told Masamune the reason she is helping him of for her oujousama's own good. I'm not sure what she means by that but I can only theorize that she probably wants her to change and wants to show her that she is wrong.

For me this is the romance anime of the season, though it's more correctly categorized as romcom. I could place Seiren as another romance anime of the season too but dismissed the idea because of it's multiple ending nature. I totally reject Kuzu no Honkai as this season's romance anime as I have explained in my yesterday's post.

P/s: Oh BTW Masamune is not a masochist (as far as I can tell) but he sure does let himself being verbally abused by the Cruel Princess and her sadistic maid.