Attack on Square-Enix: You're not playing nice

NieR:Automata for PC (Steam) was just released. After waiting this long Square-Enix can still become a dick by giving South East Asian people a huge middle finger for blocking the PC version in this region despite the PS4 version is already available here. Here are some of the bullshits behind this absurdity:

  1. They were waiting for approval for the Asian version as it is even blocked in Japan too.
    Bullshit. Just a few days before the release date the Japanese Steam store for this game was made available. A proof that Japanese version doesn't always mean Asian version. Besides even the makers themselves specifically mentioned 'Japan' when they announced the upcoming availability. It's just wrong to assume it as whole Asian to begin with (at least it wasn't me who came up with such bullshit assumption).
  2. They need more paperwork.
    Bullshit. They had plenty of time since the announcement of the upcoming availability. Besides if the game is not ready for worldwide release then why bother setting up a date way earlier before all markets got their paper approved? They could have waited until everything sorted out if that was really the case.
  3. They need time to fix the bug because it was a port after all.
    Bullshit. Just like the paperwork, they had plenty of time to fix any bug. Besides if you believe in this bullshit then it's like saying they were fine with releasing a buggy port when they could have spend enough time until it is actually ready.
  4. They're trying to figure out the right price because the price for South East Asia is usually cheaper than US version due to lower currency value.
    Bullshit. Just because the currency value is lower doesn't mean the software price will be lower. This is not true for Australia at least. I remember a couple of years back the Australian government summoned representatives from Adobe and some other software companies for pricing their software significantly more than the US market despite AUD value is lower than USD.
  5. They wanted more people to buy PS4.
    Bullshit. OK this is probably more of a SONY thing than Square-Enix but it doesn't make sense because you can't rely on a single game to entice a gamer into buying a different hardware no matter how awesome the game is.
  6. Asia is a console region or PC gaming in Asia is small compared to console.
    Bullshit. Asia maybe the land of consoles but not all of them are PS4. At this time the number of PC and PS4 are probably quite similar. Not to mention Asia, particularly South Korea is the home of powerful e-sports teams. That clearly means PC gaming is thriving in Asia as much as console, if not more.
  7. They wanted to avoid piracy.
    Bullshit. This is the most ridiculous logic in combating piracy. You don't want people to pirate your stuff then make it accessible to them legally instead of blocking them. Doing it like this only upsets potential gamers who might pirate your stuff in retaliation by treating them like aliens. Hey, if you're not going to sell it to them anyway then you're not losing sales from the pirates in the blocked countries.
  8. They are adding some Asia-only stuff into the game.
    Bullshit. If they really were they could have just added it as a paid DLC instead of delaying the game for a mere additions. At this point gamers don't care about whether the game is having extras or not. They just want to enjoy it while it's still hot so they can have something to discuss with global gamers community.
  9. They're planning to release it together with another upcoming title.
    Bullshit. Most people only want to buy that one game now, not for two or three titles together. Nobody is going to do that even if you're offering the second title at a discount, especially if it's something they have no interest in.
  10. They just hate SEA.
    Bullshit.... but most likely the case? I mean SEA has always be treated like aliens by major game companies. Remember Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance? It's still unavailable until today. Even if you purchased it it can't be played in this region. Ridiculous would be an understatement to describe that decision.

Just yesterday the Nier:Automata JPN twitter account announced that the rest of Asia will get the game in April. Really the Japanese companies (not just game companies but all of them) need to be taught how to run business. You should not let your customers and potential customers in the dark. Interact with your customers. Don't announce something important like this too late. The most important thing is be transparent because you wouldn't like it if your potential customers ended up jumping on board the black sail in retaliation.

I think many Japanese companies need to embrace global market more seriously. Just look at anime studios. Many of them are struggling with sales these days because they are mainly targeting their local market only while viewing the international market as an afterthought. Speaking of which just a few weeks ago Avex suddenly stopped the shipping of their CD/DVD to overseas. Kind of stupid if you ask me because it's like cutting your own source of revenue.