Attack on Tesla: No, I'm talking about the New Tesla Energy (the company), not Nikola Tesla (the scientist)

Do you remember the anime Vividred Operation from the year 2013? No, I'm not going to write about those lolis (although I'd love to). I'd like to refer to the power tower, the Manifestation Engine in that anime, which reminds me of the Wardenclyffe Tower that Nikola Tesla tried to built but could not finish due to financial troubles he was facing at that time.

Enter Dimension W, the new anime that somehow also features giant power towers that provides unlimited energy to the entire world, and interestingly it is run by the company New Tesla Energy. I'm not sure whether the name was intentional but this is not the first time I see the Tesla name being used in anime/game material with hi-tech and energy being associated with it. Another instance I still remember about it was the Tesla Industries in the game Xenosaga, where Tesla Industries is a rival to another tech company, Vector Industries.

Although I mentioned about Vividred Operation above, this anime reminds me more about the relationship between Okabe Rintarou and Mayuri Shiina from Steins;Gate. Interestingly, the main protagonist's name is Kyouma Mabuchi (for the record, Okabe used the pseudonym Hououin Kyouma). Then there's this 'female' robot called Mira. However the relationship between Kyouma and Mira is nothing like Okabe and Mayushii. Kyouma is somewhat 'abusive' towards Mira whom he saved (or rather abducted and then adopted?). He keeps calling her trash or something equivalent, though Mira is used to this.

This is Mira.

At this point Mira probably sounds "too human" to you. Yes, she considers herself a human although she DOES aware that she's a robot (though her internals mimic some human characteristics, like having self-repairing nanobots flowing in her body in a systems that resembles human blood circulation). She is created by Prof. Shido Yurizaki, the top scientist cum founder of the New Tesla Energy. He went missing after his wife and daughter murdered by the company and while hiding he created Mira and plotted a revenge against the company.

In order to provide the unlimited energy to the whole world the New Tesla Company produced what is called "the coil" (reference to Tesla Coil?). Those 'coils' connect to the power tower in a similar fashion a phone connects to a closest cell tower. The tower itself draws power from the fourth dimension called "Dimension W" (named so since the existing X, Y, Z are already assigned to the 3 planes of 3 dimensional physical world). The deeper the coil 'digs' into the dimension, the more powerful it becomes. Some people somehow managed to reverse engineered the coils and produced illegal coils for underground market (which often used for crimes). From here it is Kyouma's job to retrieve those illegal coils, and he is the right person to do it, having almost superhuman feats, despite being a top coil hater due to his past.

Mira accompanies Kyouma in his retrieval jobs and she has proven to be a very useful partner although Kyouma still treats her quite badly. As they are retrieving more illegal coils, solving more mysteries and crimes, they started to uncover more about New Tesla Energy's dark secrets. So far Kyouma's tasks seems to be like a puzzle whose pieces are waiting to be pieced together. There's also a few big questions about Kyouma himself, like why he hate coils so much but continue working to retrieve it, why he has the almost superhuman ability, and of course why Mira is created.