Attack on Valentine's Day: This scumbag isn't what I was wishing for

(*WARNING!: If you're the type who gets mad when someone is talking shit about the anime you like then I urge you to leave right this instant. Don't waste your time because you won't like what you're going to read anyway.)

Let's get straight to the point here and do less turn-outs. In conjunction with the Valentine's Day today, I'm going to talk about the new manga-adaptation anime, Kuzu no Honkai (Eng: Scum's Wish). This is a very disturbing anime that I could not bear finishing even the first episode. This is regarded by many as the so-called romance anime of this season (though I beg to differ). The question is how disturbing it is? See the screenshots below and you decide:

This is getting into a porn territory. Oh just because it has a proper plot doesn't mean it's not porn. That would make it a porn-with-plot.

I saw many anime reviewers sugarcoating it and pretending that it's not porn to the point of forgiving them like saying it's OK or something along those lines. Even the anime itself shamelessly try to mask it with the beautiful scenes of flower petals and sparkles and the "fuwa-fuwa" overlays/backgrounds. Yeah it's probably that good and by story alone it's likely to be my favorite anime but sorry, when sex is involved it becomes something I can't easily accept. That's the same reason I dropped Kimi no Iru Machi and Sukitte Ii Na Yo. Don't get me wrong, I like porn, or specifically hentai. I'll even admit that I read hentai manga on daily basis and I like some with a proper plot as well (hentai-with-plot, remember?). And I also can accept it when real romance happens in hentai (sweet diabetic vanilla hentai). Sometimes I go to a porn to have a break from mainstream anime/manga and likewise some other time I go to mainstream anime to have a break from porn. If I go to mainstream anime only to find a porn, something I wanted to temporarily have a break from, what's the point then? It's like reading a hentai manga expecting to see nips and vag00s but not seeing any until the end.

Yeah, those teenage MCs in the anime were "young" and "innocent" (yuck!) and just seeking pleasure through each other's body to fill the void of not being able to be with the one they actually love. For me it's not much different than a man seeking comfort at red light districts because he did not have the courage to confess to the girl he likes. Or a girl that thinks it's OK to spread her legs to another man just because the person she loves won't do the same to her. Still it doesn't make it right. They could have just pretended being a boyfriend-girlfriend and hold off the idea of having sex until they actually fall in love with each other, instead of doing it "by chance". You know, I'm quite surprised that the manga is being serialized in a Square-Enix magazine. Not saying Square-Enix is "innocent" either when one is thinking about overly sexy female (Nier:Automata is one such example) but they are always associated with good reputation in that department (AFAIK none of the Final Fantasy series have overly sexualized character appearance). Sure you won't see any nips or vag00s in this anime but for me it's not much different from some live action movies that feature full nudes (like showing bareback and bare asses) but not showing any of those "front things" either. To be honest I hate it when that happens. I mean if you're getting nekkid then just show everything instead of being a tease.

What's making me sad about this anime is Hanabi, the MC is cute and have a nice body but it's all wasted. Fan-to-be can't see her as a waifu. That kind of feeling is very punishing if you ask me. I don't think someone who constantly looking for a waifu or best girl would open himself towards a character who has opened her legs for another man (unless you're into NTR or MILF). That's right; this anime gives me the NTR feeling, something that I actively avoid when browsing hentai titles. Sure sex is kind of a "side dish" in this anime but you can't dismiss it as its main theme here. I mean the series exists as it is now because the sex was there. Just look at the characters. Before meeting Hanabi, the male lead already had sex with someone else (this fact alone makes me feel like I want to protect Hanabi from sleeping with him but being 3D what can I do for a 2D character?). Not to mention the woman he fell in love with is a slut. And like I said above, it's because it (the sex) was there that I can't accept the anime (or the manga) as it is. The more I see it the more traumatic the experience will be for me. I even tried comparing it with other sex-themed anime like Henzemi, Danna ga Nani o Itteiru ka Wakaranai Ken and Okusama wa Seitou Kaichou, I still can't get myself to like Kuzu no Honkai. At this point I don't care even if they ended up genuinely loving each other and become proper lovers, I just can't enjoy it. It triggers the same feeling I have when I see a rape victim fell in love with her raper (rapist?) a situation I often found in some hentai I read. Some of you might want to defend it by saying "it happens in real life" but for me, most of the time I watch anime and live action shows to see something that don't normally happen in real life.

I think the only possible way for me to accept this anime is when all anime are featuring sex as a theme too, similar to fanservice. I specifically mentioned fanservice here because it's something I've learned to accept even in an anime that I least expected it to happen, because it now happens in almost every anime, to the point it's stupid to avoid it nowadays. Maybe that time will come but for now I'll put this anime on hold, and maybe I'll continue watching (and reading the manga) for the sex scenes only. For now I still feel disturbed, and perhaps disgusted too. It's probably temporary but I don't have high hopes that I'll continue from where I left in a near future. Good thing there are other good anime in this season that I can enjoy by projecting myself into their world without having to suffer from emotional injury like this anime gives me.

Man, expressing my thoughts like this at least has healed some of the "emotional injury" this anime inflicted on me. I know most people especially fans and those who have come to appreciate it will not agree with me (and even hate this piece) but at the same I know many other also share the same sentiment towards it as I am. If you like this anime, good for you but if you don't like it for the same reason as I have here, know that you are not alone. By the way if you're thinking of convincing me to keep watching this, or just want to say that I'm wrong, let me say don't bother. Save your effort for something else because I don't care what you'll tell me. I'll just delete your comment anyway.