Attack on Year 2015: 2015 in review

Goodbye 2015, and hello 2016!

Let's just say 2015 has been somewhat enjoyable and not at the same time, just like the years before that. During the year I've enjoyed KanColle, Punch Line, Yamada-kun & 7 Witches, Shokugeki no Souma, Okusama ga Seitokaichou!, Show By Rock, Bikini Warriors, GATE, Hacka Doll, Miss Monochrome season 2 & 3, One Punch Man (best!) and of course GochiUsa season 2. I also unexpectedly enjoyed DanMachi which appeared boring at the first few episodes but became more interesting after around episode 3 or 4.

I think it's also worth mentioning about Comet Lucifer, Gakusen Toshi Asterisk, Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry, Charlotte, Etotama, Shimoneta, Shirobako, UMR and JK Meshi. Komori-san wa Kotowarenai was also quite interesting and I in fact despite it was short, enjoyed it more than some full-length shows. Onsen Yousei Hakone-chan was also quite good with this loli onsen spirit. OTOH Valkyrie Drive seemed to be enjoyable (if you're into oppai and YR) but the voice of the main protagonist was extremely annoying that I had to mute the show the whole time I was watching it (I only watched 3 episodes anyway, could not stand it any longer, though I had to say goodbye to the oppai, I didn't miss the YR, not my thing anyway). Oh, since we're talking about oppai, the season three of High School DxD (titled: High School DxD BorN) was also aired last year. I enjoyed the first 2 seasons, and I had no reason to miss/drop the third one, though some things still remained unsettled (like there's still no conclusive battle between the Red and White dragons).

My disappointments go to Shingeki no Kyojin Junior High. This was supposed to be a parody and I did enjoy the series at first but after a while it started to feel boring, found the jokes are generic and many are recycled and rely too much on exaggeration too. Then there was Denpa Kyoushi. It should have been enjoyable if it was done right, which it didn't. I think only the first half of the series are enjoyable, if you're going to ignore the animation and voice acting. For me everything about that show went downhill after the trap crossdressing boy episode.

There are some shows I completely ignored despite sounded good such as Shomin Sample. I think I'm already tired of harem. It's not like I've stopped watching harem shows but somehow I don't like being put in the male protagonist's shoes, I mean who'd like to imagine himself being castrated? Some shows are also deserved to be dropped as soon as the first episode, such as Heavy Object, no thanks to it being massacred by censorship. High School Prison was actually kind of good but I think just like what I felt about Shomin Sample, I don't like to think about myself being DOM-med in the same way I don't want to DOM the opposite gender. I know High School Prison has Hanazawa-san, probably the only notable Hanazawa-san's role in year 2015 but that wasn't enough to lure me in.

While waiting for the new anime season I'll fill this post with some FAQs about whether you're a true anime fan or not. These questions are compiled from a FB group I joined last year. They were originally designed to get rid of generic fans who only watch naruto/bleach/one piece or think any of those are the best of all time.

  1. What's the latest anime you're watching?
  2. What's the currently airing anime you're watching?
  3. Do you blog/FB/tweet about anime?
  4. How many anime you're watching?
  5. Can you name from memory as many as possible anime aired for the past 5 years, not inclusive long-running ones like naruto/bleach/one piece.
  6. To prove that you're actually watching the anime you named, can you name the main characters, what's going on in it, and what's the development now if it's currently airing?
  7. Can you tell the source material of your favorite anime that you just named?
  8. What is your all-time favorite anime?
  9. Is your favorite anime from the last 5 years?
  10. Who is your favorite seiyuu?

Care to answer?