Attack on Year 2016: Less anime, less blogging (more work, more busy)

I guess the year 2016 will be yet another year of less anime and less blogging after all, just like last year. Just recently I was suddenly 'drafted' into a hectic job where I'll be required to travel to all states in Malaysia for some police works until early next year. I'll have to spend at least 2 weeks in one state, and since 12 out of 14 states in Malaysia will require an overnight stay due to their distance from my place, I'll be away from home for about half a year. And being police work there's no guarantee that I'll have access to unlimited internet (because we're most likely have to stay at the police transit house; there's no way I'd pay for 2-week stay at a hotel). Not to mention I won't have enough time to watch anime considering the 12-hour/day work.

Another issue is with my blogging service provider, The developer has been awfully silent for nearly half a year. Some features went missing without notice/announcement, for example the user no longer be able to add more than 5 blogs now, as opposed to Tumblr and that allows virtually unlimited blogs (good thing I created 10 blogs before the limit was enforced though most of them are just placeholders to test blog themes). Many tech sites however still mention when writing about Evernote-related stuff though the lack of social network updates does make users like myself worry about the future of the blogging platform.

That said I have started to re-check Wordpress again to see if I could use it again for blogging in the future. I could leave now but I'd miss the convenience of blogging directly from the Evernote app. Sure there are ways to use Evernote to blog on Wordpress, such as using plugins or IFTTT or some other cloud 'connectors' but those only offer one-way sync, meaning that any update/changes on a particular note may or may not be reflected on what already published on the Wordpress blog. With, deleting or 'unpublishing' a note will remove the corresponding post in the blog. I'm afraid if I'm using the alternative service like IFTTT, I probably will have to delete a post manually from the Wordpress dashboard instead of doing it from within the Evernote app.