Life is a gamble: No gambling no life?

Gambling as a way of (school) life? Hmm...

Depending on who you asked or which school you were referring to, a school life could be fun or otherwise. However I believe most of us who have attended schools at one point in our life would agree that no matter how enjoyable our school life was it could still become more interesting if we could do something about it. That something could be "practical sex lesson" or maybe even "gambling"? The latter one indeed made the anime Kakegurui very interesting.

Jabami Yumeko, the main protagonist of the anime, doen't give a damn about losing or winning in gambling.

Netlix have had some "anime originals" until this date. Few are made by Netflix itself while majority are produced in Japan but licensed exclusively by Netflix. Kakegurui falls under the latter category but it still can be considered as Netflix original anime as outside Japan you won't find it on any other places like Crunchytroll and Funnymation.

That said out of many Netflix's "anime originals" I've seen so far I think Kakegurui is the best. Although I hate gambling in general (and I hate being pushed to the corner where I have to make a hard decision that could result in something good or bad) I found the way it's displaying in this anime to be quite exciting. Not only that the characters' facial expressions also added more excitement to because not only they remind me of facial expressions in Death Note and Monogatari series, sometimes they are also funny. On the other hand this anime is also 'sexy' in general; it doesn't show much skin (there are some pantyshots even in the opening montage and credit rolls mind you) but the way the characters doing poses or other things sometimes quite provocative. Even Jabami herself does it too. Oh I almost forgot to mention she is voiced by Saori Hayami, one of my favorite VAs. I like Saori Hayami's "Yamato Nadeshiko's" kind of voice that is usually perfect for an "ojousama" type of character who grew up in a proper, high class upbringing. Now imagine that voice is used for a 'sexy' character. It kinds of a turn-on for me.

So what kind of school does Jabami Yumeko goes to? A school where gambling is part of students' life? No kidding. However Jabami is actually a transfer student to this school. In this school your social position is determined by how good you are in gambling. Those who accumulated enough debt (from losing a gamble) will end up being treated as animals. It's somehow OK to bully those 'animals' as the school does nothing to protect them, in fact having a higher social position than those 'animals' is like a license to bully them with no consequence to fear of. And the person who transformed the school into this hell is the incumbent student council president. The school has always have gambling at its core but it was quite fine until this one girl became the student council president and used her power to make everything that is already bad into worse. She, together with the members of the student council are some sort of "the gods of gamblers" in the school. And there seems to be something between Jabami and this miss president. I'm not sure whether they know each other but Jabami has a strong motivation to challenge the president while the president herself keeps an eye on Jabami all the time. Both of them have mysterious backgrounds by the way.