No Anime No Life: Anime fans all around the world mourning over the demise of Origa

I just celebrated my birthday today but yesterday I was shocked by the news about the passing of one of my favorite anime singer, Origa.

Olga Vitalevna Yakovleva (20/10/1970 - 17/01/2015, aged 44) better known with her stage name, Origa.

Anime fans, especially the fans of Ghost in The Shell series, as well as myself are truly saddened by this news. I've always liked her powerful voice, most notably her song "Inner Universe" used as the opening of GiTS: Standalone Complex. In the past she has paired up with Yoko Kanno, one of the legendary anime music composers. She also has been in lesser known works, particularly with Rei Kagaya, one of my favorite New Age musicians (she provided the voice for some of his music for use in Yutaka Kagaya's planetarium shows).

Not much is known about her personal life though, other than being a Russian born and died at quite a young age. She's reported to have suffered lung cancer, though I've read somewhere about some fans saw her live performance just a few months ago, and they claimed she looked healthy. Well, I can say she must have been fighting it from the inside and managed to smile towards her fans despite battling with the cancer. Since cancer did not just develop in a month or two I must say she's been "in the war" for a long time, which means she was a tough woman who did not give up and fought till the very end. By the way I remember a few years ago I read in Wikipedia about her married to an Iranian man and have a child. Not sure if it's true though as that part has been missing from her Wikipedia page for a couple of years already. It's either been taken down due to being false or unverified info/inaccuracy or it's just deleted due to personal reason (I know some record companies or the artist him/herself may request for an artist's personal info to be removed).

Anyway the anime world has just lost a very valuable asset. Just when the new GiTS anime is just announced recently, I think it's not going to be the same again if Origa is not the singer for the opening. Not many people have the wonderful voice like her, not to mention she's one of a very few singers in Japan who can speak/sing a song in more than 2 languages (she has sung songs in Japanese, English, Latin, and of course her mother tongue Russian). Sure there aren't that many songs she provided for anime but even so she managed to leave a huge impact in the anime world. Not to mention there aren't that many non-Japanese singers who are lucky enough to have their song being used in anime, whether their works are Japan-based or not. She'll always be remembered for that. Thank you Origa for being such a special singer. Thank you, thank you and thank you.