No Anime No Life: Attack On 7 Witches

This is another anime that I did not expect to like from the looks. I mean I'm kind of prejudice when I saw an anime with shoujo-looking characters. Good thing this anime balanced the look/design with a fair amount of story, 'plot', comedy and of course fanservice (to be honest I never expected fanservice in this kind of anime).

Best 'girl'? This 'girl' is Yamada and not Yamada at the same time. Confused? So does my dick.

This is a proper series after the first OVA was released last year. At that time I had no idea what it was all about because the event in that OVA seemed to take place after the series (I did not introduce the characters, instead it treated the audience like they already know the characters). It was probably tailored for the followers of the source material like most OVAs did but at least it didn't fail to show me the humorous parts and how the girls are 'witches'.

Second best 'girl'? Not really second best but surely neither the best nor the worst, though I wouldn't mind about that.

The only 2 things I don't like about this anime is, like I mentioned above, the character design. Don't get me wrong, the girls are cute and hot but for a delinquent male student (Yamada) I can't really accept a bishounen look. One more thing is boys kissing each other. Of course they're necessarily done as the important part of the story and also for laughter's sake but it still makes me feel uneasy nevertheless. Call me a hater or whatever but I'm saying that because I'm not a hypocrite about my preferences. For me I can't sympathize with a group of people unless I don't mind becoming like them (or becoming one of them).

SPOILER: One of them is not a real witch.

Anyway this anime is one of my must-see titles in this season that I can't afford to miss. I can ignore the boys kissing each other part, (they only lasted seconds after all). What I really want to see however is how it will end. So far there's no real romance shown but after halfway through the series I think I can get some hints about that. I'm not telling you the pairing but it's a one boy one girl type of romance. I hope I'm right about that though I don't mind if it ended up being a harem either (straight harem of course, not a reverse one).