No Anime No Life: Attack on curry

KanColle ep. 06. I'm not sure what to say about this episode, which is why I took so long to come up with a 'review' of it. They already killed one girl in one of the previous episodes, and they still dare to make a happy-fun episode? Well at least ZKMS made an appearance.

This episode does nothing but showing the girls trying to win a curry-cooking competition. Long story short, the loli ships won, ZKMS was found cheating and disqualified, though she actually have no idea that what she did was cheating (using ready-to-eat packed curry). Zuikaku and Shoukaku probably could have won but accidents happened and they left the competition. Kaga and Akagi also probably could have won but they gobbled everything themselves until nothing left for the competition. Kongou seemed good too but what she made was only the 'blank' curry soup (Hiei tried to help by adding 'something' but it ended up spoiling the curry). Ashigara and Haguro, probably the winner of the previous years had to accept defeat, though the real reason of their loss is their curry was too spicy for the judge (Nagato) although it actually taste better than the one made by the loli ships.

ZKMS in apron, still made sure her navel was showing.

Now, if my theory was correct, the winning curry recipe will made into the official menu of the naval base, though I don't get why only curry is contested? Also, even if the curry of the previous years was too spicy for Nagato, couldn't she just pick a different menu, or when she was craving for curry she could just go to a restaurant/cafe and order a not too spicy one? Even more mysterious is I think Nagato did a lot more work than the Admiral. I wonder what does the Admiral really do?

They're both big eater, or maybe Kaga did not but just took that much so that she could have something to feed Akagi.

Anyway I feel sorry for Ashigara, after everything she put into this competition. The loli ships also made huge effort to win but somehow I sympathize more with Ashigara because she really needed to win the competition. Had Nagato being able to stand spicy food she could have won.