No Anime No Life: Attack on Food

Anime: Shokugeki no Souma

If you've read my Spring 2015 Anime Highlights before you'll find about my doubt of what this anime will be. I'm glad that it turned out to be very good. Not only that it comes with mouthwatering scenes that are not food related, if you know what I mean.

First reminder: This anime is about cooking.

This anime revolves around the life of Souma Yukihira, an aspiring young cook who only have 2 goals in his life: to serve the best to the customers of his family restaurant, and to beat his father in a father-son culinary challenge once and for all. His father is actually a super chef but Souma is unaware of this. One day out of the blue his father asked him to enter an elite culinary school while the restaurant is closed. Souma was initially upset of his father's decision after he went through defending their restaurant from a forced-acquisition by a land developer.

Second reminder: This anime is about cooking.

So Souma reluctantly entered the culinary school but unlike every other students he have no idea of what the truth about that school and what he's going to face. All other students are the heir of elite restaurants however Souma have no fear of them, and have no problem facing the entrance exam. He solely passed the exam but Erina Nakiri, the examiner who is also the granddaughter of the school head (also the top student in the school) denied this because of her ego, she could not accept the fact that Souma is super good at cooking. Good thing, behind the curtain of the exam the school head noticed Souma's skill and accepted him without Erina knowing it, much to her disapproval.

Third reminder: This anime is about cooking.

Since then Erina has no other goal but to see Souma get expelled (because in the school failure in a challenge or exam means your school life is over, your reputation crumbled and no second chance). Not only Erina other students also felt the same (and wanted to defeat him) due to what he said during his inauguration speech where he told them he is aiming for the top spot. That was the challenge issued by his father, which is to graduate as a no. 1 student in order to defeat him.

Do I need to remind you again?

So far Souma has been doing fine with no sign that he will lose the battle anytime soon. His experience working in a family restaurant has allowed him to not only pass with flying colors but also made other students starting to acknowledge his ability. This is almost like Yakitate Japan but it is safe to say it's in its own league.