No Anime No Life: Attack on hotel ship

I should have used "Attack on the largest battleship in World War II" for this review but then this series is not really about reenactment of the said war, except when they sunk Kisaragi. I still haven't forgive them for that although Kisaragi wasn't my favorite.

Introducing Yamato.

I think this episode is all about introducing Yamato to audience as well as explaining the rationale behind hiding her existence despite her superior firepower compared to most other ships. Yamato is a pretty 'traditional' girl and even more refined than Kaga (at least in this anime). I don't know how long she's been in the 'navy' but earlier in the episode Mutsu told Kongou "there's a new ship..." or something like that prior to them moving to the island base.

ZKMS surfing mode, her only instance in this episode.

It appears that Yamato is somehow in charge of managing the island base, doing almost everything from providing accommodation, resupply, 'refuel', and stuff but going to battle is not one of them. She's more like a hotel manager than a battleship and she's quite sensitive about that. Not knowing the reason she being banned from going on a mission, Fubuki tried to bring her to the sea.

The largest battleship.

Yamato finally went to the sea for the first time but almost immediately she felt hungry. She turned out to be a big eater like Akagi (and Kaga?) though she is more like a 'conditional' big eater. Nagato explained that due to her massive equipment she consumes a lot of resources so she was banned from entering a battle so that she won't be damaged which in turn would badly affect their resources. Anyway the ban was only temporary, at least until they can secure a steady resupply line though there's no telling when that will happen.

If Yamato eats that much to recover her energy then I wonder if that's also the case for Akagi.

Fubuki was punished because she went against the rules (bringing Yamato to the sea without permission) but I can understand, as someone who was once unable to go to the sea, she knows how Yamato feels. All she did was only to help Yamato gaining experience.

So they do have casual clothes after all (and swimsuit too).

By the way there was a loophole in the ban. Fubuki thought as long as Yamato can go to the sea without depleting her energy then it should be fine. With Mutsuki's and Yuudachi's help they managed to bring Yamato to the sea. Apparently Fubuki was unable to do it by herself because Yamato is a very heavy ship.

The unexpected side of Nagato.

While they were at the sea they encountered a few enemy planes that were slipped through the other fleet. That's when Yamato showed her performance for the first time by wiping out all the enemy planes. Normally for aerial battle they'd need carriers to launch the planes but Yamato did it by firing her powerful cannons alone.

Loli ships in sukumizu. Is this their "submarine mode"?

Yamato wanted to take the responsibility for defying the order but Nagato didn't take any action thus they were all spared from punishment. Usually when something like this happened in military a punishment would still be delivered even when the offender accomplished something. However I think if they dispatched another fleet to deal with the enemy planes the damage might cost them more resources than what Yamato consumed during this short and quick battle. I guess that's why Nagato chose not to punish them.

Blushing Nagato is cute!

At this point I believe all the ship girls has been introduced. I've been waiting for Yamato since I saw her in the OP. With this all the girls in the OP/ED have made their appearance though there are also some girls who only appear in an episode but not at all in the OP/ED.

I'm not sure if the anime maker have any experience in making idol anime though. Idol anime, although I don't watch lots of them (I'm not into this idol thing) have good character management in terms of distributing screentime for dozens of idols in a series. This show should learn something from that.