No Anime No Life: Attack on Poi

Poi got a remodel.

Poi ver. 2.0

Poi suddenly get a remodel after her body glows for no reason. There was no explanation why her body glows and why that leads to her getting remodeled. I know a remodel is one 'feature' in the game but I don't know about the remodeling event in the game and the anime did a bad job in explaining it by not explaining it at all.

At least ZKMS got more dialogs in this episode. Even ZKMS thought Fubuki would be the first to be remodeled because she's the most hardworking destroyer ship (and the only destroyer made flagship).

I can only assume that the the remodel is some sort of evolution or upgrade normally found in mobile battle card games and I hope I'm right about that because at this rate the anime is not going to explain any further as it will end in the next few episodes. What I don't get however if this was really an upgrade the anime did not show any hint that Poi is doing good. I mean she was terrible in her class (not sure about her battle performance) but even if she is that good at least show it; don't surprise us like this.

She was sent to the 'factory' for remodeling and she got taller, bigger boobs, different eye color, different hairstyle, different costume, more powerful weapons and different personality?

In this anime Poi was the first to get a remodel, at least since the beginning of the series. I'm not sure if any of the other girls are already remodeled but one thing for sure is Akagi is not one of them. I don't follow much about military history (I'm more into actual history than war history). Also while I do have wide interest in weapons I'm not a military freak so I don't know what does this remodeling imply in relation to real world history? Did Yuudachi (the actual ship) got a remodel? I know I could Google or read Wikipedia for that but I think it's this anime's responsibility to explain that. What I do know is the original USS Enterprise was decommissioned. The one we have now (the nuclear-powered USS Enterprise) is a replacement so it wasn't a remodel.

Fubuki was suddenly ordered to return to the naval district.

Enough about the remodel thing. At the middle of the episode the Admiral (as usual, conveyed by Nagato) ordered Fubuki to return to the naval district and at the same time her fleet group (the one she leads) is now disbanded. She was upset but then we know how the Admiral does things; never gave direct orders, never interact with the girls (except for Nagato), never shared what's going on in his mind, never this never that (never work?).

A major battle next week?

And upon arrival at the naval district they found it was attacked. No casualties but the admiral went missing though not without leaving instructions note which later found by Nagato. It contains specific order; Fubuki is to be remodeled. Now back to the original question, the "time for upgrade has arrived" is not the only reason for a remodel, it appears that a fleet commander can also issue a remodel order even before a ship's 'time'.