No Anime No Life: Attack on yuri ships

(Take note that this is a review for an alder episode, episode 03 to be exact. The most recent episode is episode 05 which just aired yesterday).

No, this does not imply that Nagato got any worth mentioning action in the episode, though she did have more dialogs in this one compared to the previous episodes.

Honestly I started to think that this anime is starting to go downhill with it slowly leaving the Admiral out of it. I have always maintained that I don't like to watch yuri anime though I'm now more tolerant towards it than I was a decade ago. Yes, this anime is almost all yuri from the beginning until the end of the episode.

See the above screenshots? While some of them are 'acceptable' to my standard I found many of them are plain silly. It's as if the episode was specifically made to please a certain group of audience and has left the normal, non-otaku ones like myself feel discriminated, or at least that's how I feel about it.

Nagato, 3 episodes later and still not engaging in any open battle.

Yuri was not the only problem with this episode. They also seemed trying to recreate the World War 2 situation by sinking Kisaragi. Yes, this is a spoiler though I don't think you should complain about it since the episode was aired effing 2 weeks ago, (which means most anime fans should have watched it by now though if you haven't then it's not my problem).

The first 'casualty' in this series. Her fault because she cared too much about her hair that she caught off-guard by the bomber?

I'm not sure why did they bother to sink her although this anime is supposed to be about cute girls doing cute things? On the net some fans already mocked her 'death' with Mami-san's as both of them died in episode 03 of their respective series. It would be even more ironic if they were voiced by the same VA though thank goodness they're voiced by different VAs. Anyway in comparison to Mami-san, Kisaragi wasn't really a likeable person, it's more like only Mutsuki who looked up to her very much. Nevertheless I still think the loss was unnecessary and didn't contribute anything to the storyline, I mean revenge is not the theme so I don't think anyone's death will matter in future episodes.

I don't know much about 'good' anime writers, I mainly know only Jun Maeda and Gen Urobuchi. Even so I don't watch all their works but if this series was written by either one of the two I dare to bet the whole world that this series would become gazillion better.