No Anime No Life: Panchirain

To be honest I didn't expect I'd like this anime at first because the synopsis sounded boring. Turned out it's a fanservice fest, but in good way. I said good because they look 'natural' and not silly like what we've seen in older titles.

It's only the opening and look what we have here.

Let's get straight to what the anime is all about, started with the title. I'm a slowpoke; it took me a while to realize the title, "Punchline" (pronounced "Panchirain" in Japanese" is a pun of the word "panchira", which means pantyshot in Japanese. That said, pantyshots do present in this anime though not to the point of being annoying; the story/plot is still the main part of it (note: I'm talking about the real plot, not THAT 'plot', OK?).

The girls (from left): Meika, Rabura, Ito and Mikatan.

The main characters are Yuuta, the only 'boy' in the apartment complex (I'll explain about 'him' more later) shared with Mikatan, Ito, Meika and Rabura. Each of them are really interesting characters, too interesting I can't ignore any of them, especially Yuuta, whom despite having a male boy is actually a girl at DNA level. I remember watching one episode of the series 'House' where this one girl is a male at DNA level. In that episode Dr. House explained that due to some sort of 'defects' a the girl, who is supposed to be a boy, produced more female hormone and less male hormone since 'she' was still in 'her' mother's womb, ended up growing female organs and body. I'm not sure if that case ever happened in real life but from scientific point of view it's not impossible. Even parthenogenesis is deemed as possible by science, except that it hasn't been observed on human (well, Jesus maybe?). Another episode of House also explored the parthenogenesis theme but I'll just leave it there because I'm here to review an anime.

There's still more.

So the girls are Meika (the robot), Rabura (the exorcist), Ito (the NEET cum fujoshi) and Mikatan (the Idol cum 'hero'.... or mahou shoujo?). Being surrounded by those girls all the time Yuuta couldn't help but get aroused with bleeding nose and at extreme level, caused the extinction of humanity, even after he is 'dead'. Sounds crazy? That's not even half of what it is all about. There are conspiracies, murder, NSA (yes, you read it right, it's THAT 'NSA'), life and death, etc. However it's fun to watch I can't afford to miss a single episode every week.

OK I promise you this is the last.... wait! You don't want to see panties? What are you? Chicken?

This is one of the few titles I am watching this season. Some titles, while sounded promising at the beginning are disappointing that I have to drop them without bothering to watch the second episode. It's hard to believe that people are still wasting time and resources making anime with overused stuff like tsundere (tsundere is fine if it's done right but most anime makers always failed to do that) as well as a harem with indecisive male lead (it's not harem if the male lead can't decide; it's either pick one while "allowing others to join", or pick all, not none). Anyway I think I'm done here. Better stop or I'll end up spwing more random things.