No Anime No Life: PanColle

With the new year my most awaited anime is finally here, Kantai Collection: The Animation.

I'm pretty sure it's not just me but many people have been waiting for this to happen too.

Yes, it's a real commercial anime, not a mere fan-made anime like what people did to Touhou Project. Actually ever since I came to know KanColle I've thought that Touhou somewhat has lost its 'touch', probably due to the barrier between me and the franchise. Not to mention ZUN not liking his works to be recognized in the form other than games. Anyway that's an entirely different discussion so I'll stop it here. Back to the anime itself....

I can say one of the main reason I'm watching this is ZKMS but she's just a small character her though....

The main character in the anime is Fubuki the Special Type Destroyer and the anime itself is told from her view. I guess the reason Fubuki was made the main character here is because she is one of the first "starter ships" in the game itself. Compared to other 'ships' like ZKMS, AMTKZ, Nagato, Atago, Kongou, Bismarck, Prinz Eugen and Kaga, I don't know much about Fubuki. She's just not my type in terms of appearance and character design so I was never really attracted to her to know better.

Panties Collection (PanColle), though not at the same level as Strike Witches.

I haven't played the game yet (only registered an account so far, still don't have the time to learn and explore it) so I have no idea what kind of 'story' is used in the game. In the anime those girls are somewhat human girls but blessed with the soul of the warships in the past. These 'souls' gave them the power to fight the mysterious entity from the sea call the Abyssals that have taken control of the sea from human (just like those enemy ships in the Arpeggio anime). I'm not sure what kind of power those girl have, probably the ability to 'walk' (skate) on the water like Jesus? Maybe that also includes the ability to withstand the enemy's fire power where a normal human craft would have been destroyed by those Abyssals. The only instance the 'power' really shown was when Kaga and Akagi were able to transform their arrows into mini Zero fighter planes upon shooting them from their bows.

While some people may find it awkward for those girls skating on sea instead of commanding a ship (like in Arpeggio anime) I think it's quite acceptable because the idea of "a ship commanded by its human avatar" is already used in Arpeggio so it just makes sense not to reuse it again. Also take note that a crossover between Arpeggio and KanColle has happened before in the game so the two titles are somewhat related to each other.

BTW I did mention about Strike Witches above. In a sense this anime is also like Strike Witches, where instead of flying, they're skating on water. Some people actually have been making dozens MAD videos of Strike Witches x KanColle on NicoNico since earlier last year. Actually I don't hate seeing it that way, and I think this KanColle anime is more 'real' than Strike Witches in terms that they actually wearing proper clothing, unlike in Strike Witches where the girls didn't wear skirt or anything else to cover their bottom except their panties/lingerie.

To sum it up I like the battle in this anime. Maybe not the best compared to what I've seen before, and there are also people complaining about the use of CG in the battle (though I'm fine with that) but for me the battle was quite intense that time just flew by although the battle took around 10 minutes long (that's almost 1/3 of the episode length!). There are however a few things missing though. Since this wasn't meant to be a harem anime (it's more yuri than harem, just like how the Girl Friend Beta anime deviated from its game) so we don't get to see the Admiral's face. My other favorite characters like AMTKZ and western ships like Bismarck are also absent, so do the 'submarines'. While I could understand the reason being AMTKZ is a new character, I would find myself struggling to find a place to insert western ships in this anime, though it's not entirely impossible. It would also be hard to place the submarines as well, considering they always wear sukumizu, though that is also not really impossible.

Anyway I hope to see more ZKMS in the next episode. I don't know much of her personality in the game but if she was just like Cocoa in Gochiusa or Akane in Vividred Operation or Marii Buratei in Joshiraku (all voiced by Ayane Sakura) then it would be a fun thing to see, though I bet she's smarter than those three.