No Anime No Life: PoiColle (Kantai Collection Season 1 wrap-up)

In case you're wondering about the absence of reviews for episode 10 and 11, I'm stating the reasons below:
  • There wasn't much stuff happening that I think worth spending my time writing a review for.
  • Episode 10 was aired when I was hospitalized due to a life-threatening dengue fever, while episode 11 was aired while I was still in recovery phase.
  • They made ZKMS looks uglee (see screenshots below).

From episode 10.

↑ From episode 12 (final).

The ending was fine (didn't look like a rushed job), the battle was intense and I got to see Nagato's performance in a battle (finally). There are some other interesting things happened:
  • While I initially hoping to see more ZKMS (though she disappointingly absent from the screen most of the time), I got interested in Yuudachi (Poi-chan) due to her poi-speak which is as adorable as Ika Musume's "de geso"-speak. Take note that I haven't played the game yet (registered an account some time ago but never got to play it due to language and regional barrier) so I never knew she speaks like that until I watched this anime.
  • The second season has been given green light. However I think this is not due to the popularity of the anime itself but more likely driven by the popularity of the game. This is one of the areas where I think KanColle is better than Touhou (I remember ZUN said he didn't like the idea his creation being adapted into 'official' anime though he didn't mind if it was fanmade).
  • POI (enough said)


Here are some of my (overall) thoughts on KanColle in general:
  • The game should have been made as a mobile game. After all the system is mostly similar to battle card game like Valkyrie Crusade where you 'grind' things, collect/customize/upgrade the ship girls. It would be more accessible to more audience that way, and whoever the company behind the game wouldn't have to worry about their server being hogged by incoming browser connections when most of the game codes/mechanics can be processed locally in a player's device.
  • They should have given more screentime to ZKMS (regardless how interesting characters like Poi-chan and Nagato are). OK I may be biased about this but the world knows how popular ZKMS is and they should at least try to satisfy the huge fanbase. Don't believe me ZKMS is the most popular ship girl? Look up for her tag in Pixiv.
  • I don't mind using CG, in fact I welcome it but after watching the anime movie Expelled from Paradise and the last Appleseed movie I started to think any anime should match that kind of 2D shading despite using 3D models, if not better than those movies. Take Expelled from Paradise for example, it almost fooled me into thinking it was 2D, until I saw "the making of" of it.

For me the only reason I'd want the second season to happen is I want to see more ZKMS. Other than that I hope they will include more ships, including AMTKZ and if possible, Bismarck too. Also not to forget those submarines, I'd like to see how the anime makers are going to 'integrate' them into the story/plot.