No Anime No Life: Spring 2015 Anime highlights

Disseminating's anime chart ver. 2.0, with the OVA/Specials/Movies part removed (WARNING! Long scrolling/trolling ahead!):

No.TitleMy thoughtsWatching?
1I think Neregate should have made it clear between actual "visual novel" and eroge. Not all eroge are visual novel and not all visual novels are eroge. This one here is clearly an eroge, based on info I got from VNDB and wikipedia. I wanted to watch all anime adaptations regardless their origin/source material but most of the time I couldn't. The last eroge-turn-anime I really liked was Fate/Stay-Night but after that my interest gradually faded. I pretty much stopped after watching Fortune Arterial, and even that was watched because I like Lia who sang the theme song, and that was the only reason. I completely skipped the recently finished airing Grisaia no Kajitsu and Ushina Wareta Mirai wo Motomete (I would have considered finishing them if they at least show uncensored oppai in there).Since I can't take eroge-turn-anymore so can say it's a no.
2Kids show.Not watching a kids show.
3Battle card? Kids show?Even if it's not a kids show, since it's a battle card anime then I'm not watching it. I feel stupid watching a battle card anime.
4I didn't finish the first season. It's not like I hate it but I feel uninterested when her hair suddenly turned blonde after their honeymoon. Why not just keep it black? I liked it more that way since it's natural.Won't watch this until I finished the first season, which I haven't decided yet when to do it.
5Looks ok. I hope there won't be any effed up stuff inside, like the stupid school system in Absolute Duo.Yes.
6Reminds me of Yakitate Japan. If I'm going to watch this I hope I can learn something from it, like cooking tips and related stuff. Again let's hope there won't be any effed up things inside. From the look of it there will be some assholes inside but the things with the asshole can still be tolerable. And since this is ecchi I hope they don't shy to show some bare oppai uncensored. I don't know how it is inside the manga, I don't have the urge to check the details now but if they show oppai in the manga they better do the same in the anime.Will give it a try but everything after that will depend on whether I'll hooked to the first episode or not.
7I've never finished any of the previous Nanoha series. Nanoha was an interesting series and one of the more serious mahou shoujo series before Madoka. Too bad by the time I attempted to finish the the series Madoka was aired and thus I lost half of my interest.Not sure if I will watch this since I haven't finished the older series but as of now I'm more towards KIV-ing this together with the previous seasons.
8A different version of Yuki Nagato.Might watch this. I hope Haruhi won't spoil this series too much.
9I have no idea about the rest of things in this series. Is there any hot babe? I wonder....I'll look if there's any potential waifu first. If it's more gay than waifu then I'll drop it.
10A derpa anime long after Denpa Onna. Harem? Hmm.... I'm OK with harem but what I hate about generic harem is the indecisive lead.Will give it a try. If the lead is hopeless like most lead in harem series then obviously it will be dropped.
11Sounds OK.Will watch as longs as it's not gay and no effed up stuff.
12Sounds interesting and even better it's original, a rarity these days. It's not like I hate adaptations but I like to see how original titles progresses as it has nothing to be based on.Yes.
13Original slice of laifu? I'm mostly incompatible with that genre but it all depends; there are many slice of laifu anime I watched and enjoyed before, including series that are completely devoid of magic/fantasy/supernatural stuff and purely happen in normal world. However I've never heard of this Tesagure! Bukatsu-mono before so I might have to look for that first. Sometimes I wonder too how could I miss so much titles despite following anime closely at the same time they're airing in Japan since 2005.Will watch depending on how the original Tesagure! Bukatsu-mono will turn out to me.
14Sounds interesting and this kind of thing is mostly my type. That character design reminds me a lot of Ranma though.Yes.
16I've never paid serious attention to Ghost In The Shell series before because a lot of it was classics which I didn't get to enjoy. I did watch Stand Alone Complex on Animx before but Animax was so stupid they are inconsistent in providing subtitles to the series they aired. For example they aired Standalone Complex only in English dub and you know English is not my first language where I have a hard time to 'catch' what the characters are saying. As a result most of the time I had no idea of what's going on and couldn't fully enjoy it. It would have been better if they just show us the Japanese dub with English subtitles.This seems to be a short series so I think I'll just go with it.
17I didn't watch the first season though I keep the episodes. IIRC one of the reasons I skipped it was because from the synopsis it sounded something genericized and stereotyped. Maybe I'll look into it againn.I think I'll watch the first season first before deciding on what to do with this one.
19Probably will watch this but there are 3 problems: I don't like this character design, I don't like a young teenager being made a hero, and I don't like something involving restoring a kingdom when I can be considered as someone who doesn't like monarchy system (which is why I never watched Narnia movies).I'll watch the first episode and see if it's interesting enough to forget about the things I don't like and continue watching.
20Keion? As long as it doesn't repeat everything that is wrong in keion then I think it will be watchable. However I hope they don't use musical instruments as weapons, unless it's about swinging and smashing guitars on the enemies head.They appear to have horns and animal ears; I hope those are just something they wear or something that only appear from magical transformation. I don't want beast girl. If they are beast girl then I'm not watching this.
21Kids or maybe just stupid looking character with adult jokes. Original, and it has a previous season which I missed probably because the same reason I'm going to skip this one too.No
22Kaitou Joker? I think it's something I ignored before, probably due to the kids looking and uninteresting synopsis.Skip but maybe I'll peek into it randomly.
23I wanted to enjoy baseball anime but since it's not a popular sport here plus I have no idea how to play it so I guess I'll pass this. I tried to learn about baseball but I just couldn't understand everything. There's also a chance that this anime will be gay-ish so I think won't miss much either. Well even with my favorite sport, basketball I found myself hard to enjoy the anime about it. Kuroko's Basketball, I only watched the first episode and dropped it halfway in season 2 because how ridiculous they made the 'enemies'; depicting them like they're superhuman who will easily defeat every NBA team in history. I don't want something unrealistic like that. Slamdunk (the manga, not anime) was closer to reality that's why I enjoyed it so much. Trying to put something magical and fantasy in my favorite sport feels like an insult to the sport to me. Oh Kuroko's Basketball also gay-ish which is another reason I felt uncomfortable with it, despite having some mizugi episodes.I'll peek into it sometimes.
24Never watched any of the previous seasons. It's not that I'm not interested, it looks like it's ecchi enough but because I think I won't miss much if it skip it. I'll dig into my collection again (I downloaded all episodes from previous seasons) and try to find something to motivate me to watch them all.KIV, at least until I finished all previous seasons.
25Cute. This is related to Teekyu? Maybe this will be something that will motivate me to watch all of Teekyu.Yes.
26Sounds like a warning to me because music + KyoAni = keion.Probably better to avoid but if it doesn't have "cute girls doing cute things" in the same way keion girls did then maybe I'll keep watching it. Also I hope KyoAni will retire their distinctive jokes in this because it's getting old already. Also I hope this happen in a co-ed school, even of they're going to highlight only the girls. So far the only all-girls school setting that I like (as far as I can remember) is from Sabagebu. In Girlfriend (kari) the focus was only on the girls but since the school was co-ed I was OK with it.
27You gay ohNo
28Kids? Or just looks stupid?No
29Again? I wanted to like Gintama but I hate to follow long running series even if there are funny parodies inside like what Gintama did.No.
30Woo! I hope this will have bare uncensored oppai and won't be shy to show them, unlike Senran Kagura. IN any case if the manga shows bare oppai the aniem better does it too. Yeah I'm not checking additional info from wikipedia or bakaupdates for now because I want to surprise myself.Yes.

Original but I hope it's not gay.
32Original? Rabbit? An anime to promote a city? Gochiusa is still fresh in my mind so maybe the enjoyment from that will help me to get interested in this. After all those lolis are cute.
33At first glance I thought "Haruhi?" because of that hairstyle, yellow ribbons and light blue-ish uniform. Then I noticed nekomimi and cat tail. Oh it's original too, though maybe not too original since it reminds me of Haruhi but I guess that's OK.Yes.
34I didn't watch the last 3 episodes of Nisekoi because of 2 reasons: Shaft massacred almost everything entrusted to them, and Raku Ichijou is stupidly indecisive, though I can't really blame him.

Let's forget about the story though I personally think it's very enjoyable despite calling it stupid. The problem here is Shaft didn't make it more enjoyable to me. The only Shaft-made series acceptable to me was Madoka Magica (those who know me should already know this) though I personally don't like the witch dimension (what do we call that again?) where they fought the enemies look like cheap papercuts thrown in randomly to make the scene.
Not sure if I'll watch this though even if I'm going to will have to continue from where I left in the first season.
35Knights of Cydonia. Although I like the setting/premise which somehow reminds me of Shingeki no Kyojin and Muv-Luv, I dropped it around episode 03 in season 1. I was still 'traumatic' from character deaths from previous anime series so it made me a little uncomfortable when seeing the characters facing something bad in a hopeless situation. I'm OK with the CG but I hate the character design. I know they wanted to stay as close to the source material but I don't like the character's eyes are too far apart they could almost fit another 2 eyes between them.I wanted to watch this but I think I still feel traumatic.
36Yet another battle card anime where monsters pop put of the 'cards' and seem mighty enough to destroy everything although they didn't use it as weapons in police/military?No.
37Look. The reason I'm attracted to anime is their physical appearance that is different from western cartoon. If they look the same then what's the point in watching anime? That's why I didn't watch Panty & Stocking no matter how "Japanese" the story was. I know the characters here are westerners but why not reuse the same working formula of drawing westerners in proven anime style just like most other likeable anime?No.
38I didn't watch the first season though this doesn't seem to be a bad thing. It's a reverse-harem shoujo. I wonder why can't they draw reverse-harem in a normal, shounen/seinen style instead of making all the guys bishounen? I mean about half all 'forward' harem anime use that 'normal' style, meaning that not all of them resorting to using moe style.
Let's see if the first season can attract me.
39Witch Craft Works all over again? I don't hate this.Yes.
40BEEN WAITING FOR THIS!!!! All oppai anime should have been made this way instead of employing the beams and steams to cover the good parts. My No. 1 anime of this season.YES YES YES!!!!
41Idol show.No.
42I just hope there will be some waifus inside. If not then it's gay.I'll look into the first episode and decide.
43??? At least it's original.???
44All girls? Well if it's funny enough like Sabagebu then maybe I'll keep watching it.Yes.
45Looks gay but they better insert some waifus inside.The first episode will decide.
46I did not even watch the first season, the Fate/Zero and Fate/Kaleid whatever. I'm pretty much done with Fate/Stay-Night and everything after that feels unacceptable to me, whether they're prequel, sequel, remake or spinoff. I like Gen Urobuchi's works but that didn't enough to entice me to watch Fate/Zero. Fate/Kaleid seems funny but I'm still bitter about a loli who thinks she can just kill anybody like their life has no value. Anyway my biggest hate in the series is actually Rin Tosaka. I lump her together with Senjougahara.No.
47Lolita god. Is that lolita god is the waifu with big boobs in the picture? Why is lolita have boobs? Oh well I'm fine with that.Yes.
48I'm not convinced to resume this series after I dropped it around episode 03 of its previous season due to the NTR-ish event and the character design is not my type.No.
49Sounds interesting but I wish they made the lead look better, maybe like Sakuragi (Slamdunk). I have to be careful though since this is a shoujo anime and NTR-ish thing might happen.Yes.
50I've never watched any of Saint Seiya series, not even the ones made in the last 10 years. Back when I was a kid I wanted to watch it so bad but anime was mostly unavailable back then and the access was very limited. By the time I have an access I already lost interest in classics.No.
51Haven't watched the previous season too but I'm going to watch it soon because parody is my type.Yes and I think I'll watch it side by side with the season 1.
523 things I don't like about this show; it's a classic title that I have no interest in; as classic title I don't like the retro character design, and I hate a thief being made to be seen as a hero. Although the last season did show some oppai that wasn't enough to get me hooked to it.
53Digimon? I'll pass....No.
54The synopsis somehow reminds me of Blade & Soul anime from last year, which I dropped due to unnecessary gore and too shy to show oppai. This one however have one interesting word, cyberpunk. My relationship with 'ninja' is a love and hate. I like it in general but I hate how most anime depict them as magical and extremely capable as if they're superhuman.Yes.
55This shamelessly admits that it's gay. That's OK but I hate how they dare to mix loli with a gay show. That's an insult to lolicon!No.
56It feels like I've heard this title before, as if I've watched it. Does that mean deja vu?
57I didn't finish the first season, or maybe I should say I dropped it? I mostly siding with Hachiman and agreed with most of his views. He didn't cause any trouble so I don't get why those people want to force their ideals into him. I could not call this a romance show because there was no obvious romance thing happened in the last season. For me the only way I could call this a romance (and picking the series again) is if Yukino fall to a lower position and stop looking down on other people, and stop being a perfectionist, and started to become heel over head on Hachiman.KIV