No Anime No Life: The 'temporary' return of my episodic reviews (well, sort of....)

If you've been following my blogs (including those I used to host at either Google's Blogger or self-hosted Wordpress at and later on you'll notice that I've abandoned episodic anime reviews for a couple of years already. While time constraint used to be the major factor for my inability to write episodic reviews, more recently the factor has changed to "most newer anime has become so lame they aren't worth spending my time to write reviews". For example in this season KanColle is the ONLY title I actually watch, while the other being Absolute Duo (though the latter was watched only for the 'service' that rivals that of Unbreakable Machine Doll, together with the intense battle, though everything else, like the school system is very much effed up, I mean what's the point of accepting a number of students only to expel half of them on the first day?).

Like I said in my previous 'review', ZKMS is one of my main reasons (may as well my only reason) to watch this KanColle anime.

At the time of writing this I already watched the episode 03 but for now I'll arrange for the review to be published at least one week after the airing of the episode being reviewed. That means this review is for episode 02, the first episode featuring the full OP sequence which has ZKMS in it (see the above screenshot). And just like the battle scenes in the anime itself, the one in the OP is also made of CG, not bad though I'd prefer them making it to be of much higher quality than the one they used in the anime, if possible to the move level such as the one used in the movie Expelled From Paradise.

More ZKMS screentime in this episode, though still lack the love for her, despite what is happening in the real (our) world where she's the favorite character of many.

I'm glad that ZKMS received more screentime in this episode but as a small character that was all she had. Too bad but I also understand since this is a story made for a game consisting of dozens of girls some compromises has to be made. To make it in the same way of Girlfriend (Beta) was made could have been possible too but KanColle is more of an action anime so this setting is probably the best instead of the moe "cute girls doing cute things" recipe overused in many other, more recent titles.

No, those aren't scenes from a hentai. They're from the scene where Fubuki undergoing intense training.

After her failure in her previous mission, which was also happen to be her first, Fubuki has been training almost non-stop, or more like being forced to train that way, though she didn't complain about it. After all she was motivated as she looks up to her senpai, Akagi. While the training she received did little in terms of improvement, her spirit of a "torpedo girl" is admired by many, including the "secretary ship" Nagato. Now I wonder if Nagato will ever get any action in battle, I mean I'm really looking forward for that too but since she's mostly in the office and discussing strategies for the next battle I'm afraid she won't get any.

The sisters responsible in draining energy from Fubuki by giving her endless training day and night.

Anyway the episode ended with them preparing for the next battle. Not much happening other than Fubuki training intensively and her developing relationships with those around her. Even so I still think it's not an episode to miss either as it's important to explain the gap between how Fubuki was started as a complete n00b and become 'almost' a battle hero (heroine) in the next battle.