No Anime No Life: The temporary return of ZKMS

Episode 04 and we finally got to see ZKMS in the front line!

Though this episode is more about introducing the Kongou sisters.

Let's skip the post opening and go straight to what I thought about this episode. As much as I wanted to see more ZKMS I expected this episode to be a sad one, considering one ship was sunk in the previous episode. However everybody seemed to have forgotten about that, they enjoyed their life as usual that nearly pissed me off.

More ZKMS screentime does make the show better though it doesn't make me feel better about the loss of Kisaragi.

In this episode the Kongou sisters, ZKMS and Fubuki went on a mission in a storm, where their speed would give them an advantage over the enemy, something that was unsuitable for carriers in that situation. ZKMS, despite being in the same class as Fubuki appeared to be very playful, just like a small kid. In the battle she performed really well and showed off her speed which somehow reminds me of Cirno from Touhou Project bragging about being the strongest (though in the case of ZKMS I think she's an actual genius).

Bukki and Zekamashi.

After the yuri abomination in the previous episode, this time it's more about the love among the Kongou sisters. While Kongou, with her 'rojak' Japanese (see footnote below) doesn't hide her affection towards the Admiral, it seems like her sisters were OK with that though they'd show their jealousy whenever Kongou started being affectionate towards anybody else, even to one of the other three sisters. While they gave the impression of being a 'cool' person, their behavior actually almost a total opposite of their image, which Fubuki quickly realized when they were attending the mission briefing in the Admiral's office (her image of Kongou somehow crumbled lol).


Then I had a confusion about which era this anime took place in. In the first episode they were told as girls having the soul of historical warships, meaning that the World War is already the thing of the past. The above screenshot showed them playing musical instruments that were only available decades after the World War II ends. However in the "idol battle" between the sisters and Naka-chan the microphones they were using looked like something from the WWII era, and so does the comm equipments used by Nagato.

And back to the first thing I mentioned above, I wonder why hasn't anybody show actual sadness over the loss of Kisaragi, maybe mourning of hold a 'funeral' or a similar ceremony to remember the lost ones? After all when they're not in battle they seem to be living a pretty peaceful life, even if it's on the land only. Also when I said sadness, the crying scene only lasts for a few seconds.

Well if they were to reenact the history of the World War warships wouldn't that mean most of them will sink eventually? Now that would sound like something only Gen Urobuchi capable to think of, though at this point if they chose to go that path this would turn into a very very silly series. Just hope that it won't turn into shit.

*'rojak' Japanese: Rojak is a traditional a mixture of fruit-vegetable salad dish mainly served in Malaysia, Singapore and Indonesia. Therefore rojak-speak refers to the primary spoken language being mixed with words from a secondary language, for example in Malaysia it would refer to the Malay language being occasionally mixed with English words. In Kongou's case she mixed her main language (Japanese) with English words, hence the 'rojak' Japanese.