The Interview (this is not about the film of the same title)

Demi-chan wa Kataritai (Interviews with Monster Girls).

This is not a character in this anime.

Even after watching half through the series I still don't really understand this anime. While I do understand the core part of it, where the biology teacher is doing a personal research on the so-called "demi humans" (monster girls), I found it quite baffling when he said he never found them before when they're quite 'abundant' around him. I mean if demi humans are really that many he should have met some ages ago. So the anime so far failed to explain whether the demi humans are endangered species or they just tend to not talk about it. Even if they chose to make it some sort of a secret I think that would contradict the setting in the anime itself, where the government provides blood packs for vampires, people are made aware of the succubus among them so they can avoid unnecessary contacts, and even the police have some sort of counter force against rogue demi humans. In other words being demi humans is not a secret in the society so I don't understand how come the biology teacher never encountered one before.

While it's true in the anime it was hinted that demi humans aren't that many compared to normal humans, I think that is like saying there aren't many gaijins in Japan compared to Japanese people but it would be ridiculous if you said you've never seen one in throughout your life. It was also hinted in the anime that the occurrence of meeting a demi human is more than the biology teacher thought, but somehow in the whole school there are only 3 demi human students, plus one demi human teacher. So which one is it? Are there many demi humans out there or too few? This anime can't help me to get the answer.

Now let me introduce the characters. The biology teacher above is named Tetsuo Takahashi. He is big and popular among students and highly interested to study demi humans more. He later conducted interviews on the demi humans he met at school. The demi human students are Hikari Takamachi, a vampire, Kyouko Machi, a dullahan, and Yuki Kusakabe, a yuki onna (snow woman). The demi human teacher is Sakie Satou, a succubus, who is trying hard not to make herself too attractive so not to draw unnecessary attention from men.

Vampire-chan feasting on her victim.

It appears that demi humans may born from normal parents and even have normal siblings (as in case with Hikari, whose twin sister is a normal human). While I think Kyouko and Yuki are obviously demi humans from the day they were born, I'm not sure how and when people started to know Hikari and Sakie being a demi human because they have no apparent physical appearance that could help in identifying them. Hikari may have longer fangs than normal humans but I wonder how did people manage to live around her (like when did her parents decide to give her blood or when did the government program started). And Sakie, I also wonder did they identify her as a succubus from the moment she was born? Oh man now I started to sound like Takahashi myself.


So far only 4 types of demi humans are introduced. I'm not sure if there's more in the source material (not interested to check it) but I personally think it makes a weak foundation for the whole story. If it's about meeting demi humans this anime could have ended in just one episode. To fill the rest it now relies on Takahashi developing relationships with the demi human girls mainly through interviews and sometimes home visits. Now I wonder where are the male demi humans? Is it just a coincidence that no male demi human attending the same school as Takahashi? He needs to include that in his research too.

To sum it up this anime is not that interesting to me and sometimes boring too. I usually in for the character's funny expressions and wanted to see more of the succubus. I mean Hikari got her blood packs supply from the government, and a succubus is similar to vampire, except a succubus feeds on semen instead of blood. Does Sakie receive regular sperm supply from the government then as there's no way she's sucking men off since she actively avoids men.