Contact Me

Update 2019: G+ is no more. If you wish to contact me just mention me on Twitter @mahou_shounen and pray/hope that I will notice you and not mistake you as spam. I started to get more active on Twitter these days but still not tweeting much. Mostly there to look at some porn.

If you got anything to say to me privately then just +mention me at Google+. That means you'll need a Google+ account. If you don't want to use Google+ then it's your problem, not mine, and I don't care if you don't want to use it. Basically it's like choosing between telephone or mailing where in this case I chose to be contacted via Google+ only so you have to respect my choice and don't ask for anything other than that. A link to my Google+ profile should be available in the banner or footer or sidebar of this blog. Contacting me via twitter is not recommended (although the link to my twitter profile is also provided here alongside my Google+ profile) because I rarely check my twitter account these days. My twitter account now only serve to remind my 'loyal' followers that I'm only active on Google+. I will close the account once my follower count reaches zero.