From Zero to Hero in Yet Another Isekai

Does this look like TakayaKi's artwork to you? (in case you're familiar with TakayaKi's artworks)

In addition to my 3 most anticipated titles of this Summer 2019 anime season (DanMachi season 2, Takagi-san season 2 and Okaa-san Online), the other title that caught my attention is Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekaisaikyou. The reason being:
  1. People in anime fandom has been looking for Shield Hero replacement in similar way GoT fans looking for a replacement too (by the way I'm not shit Shield Hero fan but only curious to see what are those people are into now that their favorite show is finished).
  2. The light novel is illustrated by one of my favorite H manga artist, TakayaKi (this would be their first work to be made into anime, not counting the H works though).
  3. It was delayed by a year (it was supposed to air last year).
  4. It is effing ISEKAI!

However many people, including the light novel author himself were disappointed with the anime so far. The author, Ryo Shirakome have expressed his displeasure for the second time, (this time, towards the actual aired anime) after his previous complaint allegedly led to replacement of much of the production staffs as well as getting them back to drawing board to redo it. Despite that he is still not satisfied with how it finally turned out. This makes me think was the initial production was so bad that it had to be delayed this long? I heard that they were already halfway through until the author suddenly stepped in much later in the production and the team had to do a do-over with little resources they have left with after much of it were spent on the earlier production. Is the author to blame here? Why intervene so late in the game? If they hadn't done anything (still had their resources untouched) and managed to get the author satisfied at the first time the result might have been different (not necessarily better). I get that the author has the right to protect his work but it appears that he had so much power here that he probably was able to dictate much of the direction of the anime. I wonder if it's the right thing to do because regardless how much rights the author have, the 'rights' for anime is something to be shared between the author and the production. There has to be some balance drawn so no party is above the other.
How bad is the aired anime? I would not exactly say it's very bad but had it not due to the 4 reasons I stated above I think I would not be interested. They did not properly show/explain the transfer scene, instead the whole thing started with all the characters are already in the isekai. There's also little to no hint that the isekai is or is not inside a game, other than the MC's self-explaining his knowledge about the world.

If anything, what I personally think a little disappointing is the characters especially the girls didn't look like anything TakayaKi has made. I wonder if it's because they could not replicate TakayaKi's art style or they just decided to go with their own style, which many anime productions are free to do (only retain characters features/costumes to make them at least recognizable, for better or worse). I'll have to watch the future episodes to confirm if the change was intentional. It's not really a problem for me but I'd prefer them to stick to the original design as much as possible, which is why I'm glad most anime adaptation of Kantoku's works (my other favorite illustrator) retained his art style, which can be seen in Hentai Ouji, One Room and Märchen Mädchen. Shokugeki no Soma also retained the art style originally done by Shun Saeki (a.k.a Tosh, my other favorite H manga artist). Art style is important for me, and it's the 'ugly' characters that made me put KonoSuba on hold for a while back then, until I decided to finish it a few years after the season 2 finished airing (the anime characters are 'ugly' to me when compared to the ones illustrated in the light novel). Oh I like KonoSuba as anime but still don't like the character look until today.