Madoka Magica is the best yuri anime of Heisei era?

One of the best mahou shoujo anime ever made still matters in 2019.
Madoka Magica visual ripped from the official website. They announced Magia Record anime is coming this year?
With the new emperor reigning in, Japan has just transitioned from Heisei to Reiwa era. To celebrate the birth of the new era fans in Japan picked what they considered the best yuri anime from the previous era. The results were in, and congratulations to Madoka Magica for being voted as the Best Heisei Yuri Anime. Who would have thought a title from 2011 could still make it up to the top. By the way I've never seen it as a yuri anime (for me it's a purely mahou shoujo anime). To call this a yuri anime is like calling Madoka Magica a time-traveling anime (or like calling Sailor Moon is a yuri anime too). I mean it's not a bad thing and time-travel do exist in the anime after all but between mahou shoujo and yuri, this is more to mahou shoujo to me. Again, I'm not saying it's a bad thing. You can categorize it in any way you want (you could even call it a fighting anime, if you really think it is). As long as you are happy with it, and you like the anime itself, anything else does not matter. For me I'll stick with saying it's a mahou shoujo anime, and the most important thing is this will always be my all-time favorite No. 1 anime.

Now I'm waiting for the Magia Record anime which was announced sometime last year. It's said to be coming this year but I haven't heard any fresh news about it the last couple of months. Is it really happening? But then it was officially announced so it should be making progress as we speak but when will we be getting it? I'm losing my patience (not really lol). Heh, I wouldn't mind if they released it in 2 years to celebrate 10th year anniversary of Madoka Magica (as long as the original seiyuu reprise their roles, which really I hope they will).

Note: I am quite ashamed of myself for not updating this blog in almost a year. I was made aware of the fact that I've been neglecting this for too long when the ".moe domain manager" mentioned me on Twitter today for the discovery of this blog (and even pinned the tweet on their stream). I hope this will serve as a reminder to me that I need to pay more attention to this blog.