There's a new Ultraman anime coming to Netflix in 2019

A new Ultraman anime is coming to Netflix next year. Judging by the 'fresh' costume design I expect something 'revolutionary' in this anime. I wish it was a live-action though because I think that costume would look awesome being don by a real human being but for now anime is fine.

Netflix's Ultraman poster.

Ultraman, regardless the medium (live-action or anime) hasn't changed much for the past decades. In the past changes did happen several times and some of the changes did transform the show into somewhat a little more mature to appeal to the more sophisticated and critical-thinking audience of the present time. However those changes could only be described as 'evolutionary' at best as opposed to being revolutionary. The costume has always look cheap without anything that looks armor-ish or high tech. This is one of the reasons I'm never a fan, other than the plot/storyline that screams "for kids".

Not to mention the show's somewhat mandatory requirement of a separate defense unit that was formed specifically to deal with giant monsters that hit Japan over and over, far more often than earthquakes, making me wonder how did Japan managed to become a developed country when they have to rebuild those destroyed towns and cities all the time. And to make things worse this defense unit I mentioned earlier, despite having seemingly more modern jets and other equipments than JSDF, keeps failing to bring down those monsters every single time and in the end had to rely on Ultraman to save their sorry asses.

Also they really need to drop the Ultraman's one major weakness, his limited 'stamina'. That blinking thing on his chest should have been an unlimited power source like Iron Man's mini arc reactor instead of a mere indicator to show that his time is running out. And what kind of idiot who'd waste his (limited) time fighting the monsters with his bare hand first when he could have immediately shot them with the "arm cross" death beam upon encounter. This situation is like mafias throwing punches and kicks for a few rounds in a gunfight before actually proceed to draw their guns.

I think if the people who make this will stop rehashing the stupid things I mentioned above I believe the public would see Ultraman in a new light and find it more relatable. The way Ultraman was done all this time is already considered 'ancient' by today's standard. It still needs to undergo a 'modernization' too although the show itself is a product of the modern time.