What if Makoto Shinkai made a commercial?

This will be part of my on-going "Anime@Youtube" (or "Anime on Youtube") blogging series that has been long in the planning.

By now you should have seen Makoto Shinkai's most recent feature-length anime movie, Kimi no Na Wa. You might have wondered what if he put his work into a commercial? Actually he already did.

The above is a commercial for a postal cram school service in Japan. I'm not sure how much they're paying Makoto Shinkai here but I am under the impression that he'd do it seriously no matter how 'small' he receives from it. From the 2 minutes commercial we could see the precursor or archetype for what would become Kimi no Na Wa, or more specifically Taki and Mitsuha.

And seeing the success of Kimi no Na Wa it's not surprising at this point if there's a government going to seek Makoto Shinkai's magical touch for their own purposes. Just recently the Canadian government reached out to him to make a tourism commercial.

The result is no less beautiful. I can only imagine how much did the government of one of the wealthiest countries in the world pay him and the studio to make this. Although it's just a 30 seconds commercial it's enough to show how much the Canadian government acknowledges anime (and Makoto Shinkai's work) as a powerful medium to market a real-life product.

(via Japanator)